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Does Microsoft care for Webmasters

It's continually been a challenge with websites appearing closely the same on altered platforms. As a web developer / webmaster it is enormously challenging to make user experiences rich by having the site look the same in any OS / Browser. The main evils they have with there famed Internet Surveyor browser is defense issues and W3C Values acquiescence issues.

Does Microsoft have a dream of having the world's most accepted browser still? Yes but now IE is dipping it's rate cute fast as Mozilla and Firefox assist CSS2 and PNG Transparent Alpha where's IE does not support. What's certainly attractive is IE 5 for Mac chains both CSS2 and PNG Transparent Alpha but IE for Mac advancement has been discontinued. Makes me think Microsoft likes Apple more then there own Flagship Creation "Windows".

So why is it chief for Internet Traveler to adhere to the W3C Standards?

  • Makes it easier on a developers end to churn out 1 website that looks great on other browsers above and beyond just IE

  • Provides developers with more choices for blueprint formats a. k. a. PNG24 with Transparency, CSS2, etc. that want to advance for Internet Explorer.

  • Make IE go on to be the worlds #1 web browser

A look into Microsoft's next age group Longhorn with IE

I am sure you have heard of the next big OS that is a few years away from the final release. As IE is only up to account 6. 05 there's not much differentiation above and beyond the new Longhorn look. I see one day Microsoft will have a fully supported W3C Values browser. Most people's requirements on the next account of IE are chiefly Values support.

The main issue with IE as far back as IE 5 on a Windows platform has been rendering CSS2 and Transparent PNG24 images. IE does not assistance Transparent PNG24 files as it will demonstrate a grey circumstances with the image.

My list of belongings Microsoft needs to support/fix

  • W3C Principles Support

  • Security

  • Full HTML 4. 01 / XHTML / XML / XSLT support

People may think I am crazy for not being Anti-Microsoft but even all the same they ether have tons of flaws or don't aid a little like W3C Values in there food I still love Microsoft and there crop and constantly will until the day Microsoft falls or I die.

What happens if Microsoft does not aid W3C Principles in there next description of IE?

Well there are ways to fix the falling in line evils they have with the W3C Standards. Tonight I brain wave of a doable advance of a plug-in that allows IE users to render contented presently supported by other browsers but not IE. As for prior versions of IE that don't render contented the plug-in would be chiefly be companionable with IE 5. x to the most up-to-date in Longhorn as associates may not have money to buy a new high-end cpu for just Longhorn. I am sure there are other ways as well a plug-in to make IE render acceptably but a plug-in is the only thing I could think of.

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