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Absolutely new catalog query tool - foxy sql pro free - software


Are you a catalog professional? Do you work with a lot of databases? Do you use an SQL code? Do you want to attach to a new file to physically build its assembly in no time and with ease? Are you tired of having to code name more than a few client applications?

If your key is "yes" to any of these questions, I commend you to go on comprehension this article.

Let's dream you work with let's say three databases. Each time you feel the need to fix to the catalog and carry out SQL code, you will maybe have to use an added third party software (also client software) that allows you to do it.

There are a lot of another client softwares in the market. However, they allow users each to bond to one a variety of database, e. g. MS SQL, or bestow only one existing connection, e. g. ODBC. However, what if you work with not only one database. . . So, there would be no admiration if you had to use three client applications for each of the databases to be able to be in touch with them and cleanly do your job. In carry out it also means that you have to get used to three altered interfaces and learn how to deal with altered features, which is, let's face it, cute far from being an ideal state (not communication of expenses, time and your efficiency provided you are switching among three another environments. Thank goodness you work only with three databases and not five, seven or more!)

Nevertheless, today might be the last day for such headaches. CHARONWARE, s. r. o. , a software ballet company specializing in increasing catalog modeling tools, has announced circulate of its absolutely new consequence Foxy SQL Pro adaptation 1. 0 - List Lettering and Query Tool.

"Foxy SQL Pro is a beneficial list query tool allowing folder professionals to complete SQL guidelines and queries aligned with any database, see and store the fallout and much more. It is above all all ears on a likelihood to parse accomplished SQL lettering into each character information that can be then executed according to the user's selection," introduces the artifact Vaclav Frolik, Charonware's Sales and Marketing Manager.

Reading Charonware's website, it seems like Foxy SQL Pro can change many other client applications as it can "talk" to any file via ODBC, ADO or native link very easily. That sounds great! One easy-to-use tool versus numerous client softwares and, moreover, "with a lot of timesaving and beneficial facial appearance that can make your work with databases and an SQL code abundantly actual and comfortable". Is it all just a pie in the sky? - Well, let's learn more about Foxy SQL Pro features.

Foxy SQL Pro allows you to:
* accomplish SQL guidelines and queries anti any database,
* accomplish only elected parts of an SQL script,
* coin an Alias for often used correlation parameters,
* browse data,
* characterize own types of comments, strings, terminators and keywords,
* background and save SQL scripts from and to a file,
* save the conclusion of the SQL charge Decide on to a TXT, CSV or XML file,
* and much more.

Foxy SQL Pro Main Benefits:
* Address assistance for at least six databases

(Interbase,Firebird, MySQL, Oracle, PostgeSQL, MS SQL Attendant etc. )
* One query tool versus a lof of client/server applications
* Existing connections: ODBC, ADO, Native
* User-friendly graphical Interface
* Wide range of advantageous and timesaving features

Furthermore, Charonware provides FREE email aid for 6 months and FREE 30-day trial Foxy SQL Pro demo version. Moreover, a freeware description - Foxy SQL Free is also available. The freeware adaptation has a altered functionality in contrast with Foxy SQL Pro version.

Also, Foxy SQL Pro elucidatory presentational movies are definitely worth mentioning. All visitors of Charonware's website are permissible to browse them online and basically get some doable insight on the product.

"Foxy SQL Pro has been intended on the basis of rich come into contact with with databases while budding CASE Studio 2 - file aim tool and its assistance for a lot of databases. It is a fast-performing and easy-to-use folder query tool that helps file professionals modernize their work with SQL scripts for a mixture of databases. I have faith in they will come across great comfort and ease while effective with Foxy SQL Pro," concludes Vaclav Frolik.

Well, Foxy SQL Pro is maybe just the artifact you have been looking for so long. . . So, do not hesitate to check it out. . .

Charonware's website: http://www. charonware. com

Vladimira Sikorova is a component of CASE Studio 2 and Foxy SQL Pro Team. She works for Marketing Branch of Charonware, a software circle specializing in budding catalog modeling CASE tools.

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