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Running Applications in Compatibility Mode With Windows XP, you can run programs as if although they were being run under a altered in commission system. (This is known as "emulation". ) Cleanly right-click a shortcut, cliquey "Properties" and then check "Run in compatibility mode" and choice the in use coordination you wish to make the course have faith in it is being run under. This fools or tricks the curriculum into assessment you are exceedingly using a before edition of Windows, such as NT, 2000, 98, or 95. This is chiefly convenient for a selection of games that won't run properly. Be assiduous *not* to use this with a number of coordination utilities, such as antivirus, defrag, registry, and disk tool applications.

Customizing the Start Menu Right click on the "Start" fasten and left click "Properties". From here, you can decide on the new Windows XP style Start Menu, or arrival to the Windows 2000/Millennium style one. You can also make specially the two likely choices using their corresponding "Customize" buttons. This also allows you to turn on or disable cascading menus and other options that are useful, such as large or small icons and more.

Bring Back Those Desktop Icons After you fit Windows XP, you almost certainly noticed that some of your icons from before versions of Windows you've used are missing. Microsoft did this intentionally to help cleanly and condense clutter. Of course, for some people, this isn't the best abundance or the user preference. So, if you want those icons like "My Computer" and "My Association Places" back, just open Exhibit Properties (right click Desktop Wallpaper, left click "Properties") and click the "Desktop" tab. Click the "Customize Desktop" close and on the "General" tab check the items you want. You can also adjustment the icons used by these desktop items in the same screen. One final tip correlated to this broadcast is the "Clean Desktop Now" button, which notifies you of unused icons on the desktop and offers to cut off them if you choose.

Give Me My ClearType Windows XP includes a great new visual technology, called "ClearType" which increases horizontal legibility by approximately 300% and it looks great. Go back into "Display Properties" [see tip: "Bring Back Those Desktop Icons" for instructions] and this time, go to the "Appearance" tab. Click "Effects" and for the agree with drop down box, labeled "Use the next fashion to downy edges of barrier fonts", choice "ClearType". Click OK twice and you're all set.

Lock Mainframe vs. Acceptable Login Screen You must go into Be in command of Panel and open the "User Accounts" applet to adjust this setting. Click "Change the way users log on or off". For greatest security, uncheck the "Use the Accept screen" option. This re-enables the use of the "Lock Computer" alternative from the ALT CTRL Obliterate menu, but prevents manifold users from being logged on locally at a definite time. This also proceeds to the Windows 2000 style login screen. If you'd fairly have the capability to *not* be able to use "Lock Computer" and would moderately allow numerous users to logon to the cpu at a definite time locally, leave this location check and also check "Use Fast User Switching".

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