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Microsoft Affair Solutions Great Plains is very good fit for mid-size band and doubtless good financial statement solutions for large corporation. Ex- creation name was Great Plains Dynamics / eEnterprise. Both versions: old and new are Great Plains Adroitness in black and white and Adroitness itself was considered as folder and laptop platform all-embracing / moveable shell back in beforehand 1990th. At this time Great Plains (version 8. 0 and appearance 8. 5) is MS SQL Attendant based and the last multi-database account 7. 5 (available on Insidious SQL and Ctree/Faircom). But making an allowance for ex- goal - Microsoft Great Plains has collateral model, which is autonomous from MS SQL confidence and works in analogy with SQL Security

User Module and Users

? Users. Users has nonentity to do with MS SQL Logins, conversely if you are on SQL description - users are translated to SQL as logins and given admittance to all Great Plains allied database: DYNAMICS and companies

? User Classes. You can automate users creation, by together with new user to the class or transferring old user to altered class and by doing so you have an alternative to reset collateral from the class. On the user level you can supercede class security. Class works for all the companies, while User can have assorted confidence right in each altered company Objects: Windows, Reports: bespoke and alternative modified

? Confuse? Yes - this is average reaction. These all mystifying terms come from the architecture of the approach - you need to know architecture highlights to acknowledge the terminology.

? Modified Reports. These are adapted via Great Plains Coverage tool: ReportWriter - Tools->Modify->ReportWriter and choose the arrive you want to modify. The most admired is SOP Long Bill form. When you are done with the modification (placing logo, etc. ), you need to assign defense also to the users who will be printing this arrive or user classes: Setup->System->Security choose user id, company, creation (Great Plains), type as Adapted Reports, chain Sales and you will see SOP Account Long form obtainable in the list, mark it and you will have it accessible for this user.

? Modified Forms. If you purchased Great Plains Modifier - you can alter the form, for exemplar on Patron Maintenance broadcast you could place the close and ascribe VBA characters to it - you ought to have VBA/Modifier with customization site enabler license. This is the realm of VBA programmer. Confidence be supposed to be given to the custom-made form.

? Alternative Custom-made Forms and Reports. If you have in-house Agility customization effective with SOP Entry check for illustration - the expertise works this way - it imports obtainable SOP entry barrier from DYNAMICS. DIC phrase book (original Great Plains) into custom dictionary, bent by Adroitness developer. Here this form is known as Different Form. You can go to advance convolution and alter this one with Modifier and get Another Bespoke Form.

Advanced Security

? Security for detail customers, accounts, etc. - you can guard aspect be against in Great Plains with this complex guarantee module. We'll just allusion this fact and do not touch details Problems

? Central versus Local dictionary. If you have collateral for the user to use, say SOP Long Bill form custom-made (taken from REPORTS. DIC), and you have Reports. DIC located on local appliance (check you DYNAMICS. SET file). When you give this user new mainframe and do not take care on transferring REPORTS. DIC from the old automaton - user will get error implication - can not open report: lexicon not found. The same is applicable to bespoke forms

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