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Microsoft great plains implementation: album management ? overview for consultant - software


Microsoft Affair Solutions Great Plains is very good fit for mid-size band and maybe good financial plan solutions for large corporation. Being full-blown effect - Great Plains provides such horizontal solutions as Assembly area automation. The most communal cast doubt on we hear in album branch is how we assign conundrum clients to certain album boss and how she/he works with them one by one, easily by bass beat next arrow button. This is not feasible in Great Plains Financial statement Owed module and this is where Anthology Management module comes to the scenes.


? Reg Key. Great Plains reg key allow you to use certain set of module and digit of user (this is in Coordination Manager). Assembly Management module requires Receivables Management module and you need to acquire it and get new reg key

? Loading. You be supposed to load assembly management from CD#2. It is Adroitness chunk file and it will be integrated the next time you launch Great Plains Workstation.

? Company Install. Utilities->Sales->Install Collections. This advantage creates tables and stored procedures on MS SQL Ma?tre d'h?tel side Setup

? Module. Here you set up the module itself: is it integrated with SOP or Invoicing, User Clear fields, etc

? Collectors. Here you assistant Great Plains user with antenna role

? Actions. In you assembly cycle you can assign measures to your customers. Later on Procedures could be used as collection range in the Album Query

? Letters. You can automate your dealings with carriage assorted type of predefined lettering where buyer info goes into designated fields


? Collection Management Build Query. Here you can confine the quiry by Buyer Info, Balance, Period, Notes, Achievement Type.

? Collection Main Window. When you are done with edifice the query - click on query tab in Build Query display and you will open anthology main window, where you will see the range, definite in the build query - and here is the counter on the cast doubt on from the establishment paragraph


? Check Links. If you are executive of Great Plains - you be supposed to be common with check licks - it checks evenness of the tables and if any urchin or lost info is there. Shrink/Rebuild were concrete for Invasive SQL and Ctree only, you do not do these for SQL based system

Happy implementing! You can continually attract to us to help you with your system. Give as a call 1-630-961-5918 or 1-866-528-0577, help@albaspectrum. com

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