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The Microsoft coordination research convenience for Windows 2000 is a very handy tool for exchange ideas assistance shops that arrange PC similes as a means of reformatting PC's with problems. Sysprep fundamentally strips out all the hardware in a row and exclusive in sequence from that aspect PC, which allows you to position the image bent from that PC on to many other PC's with altered hardware configurations.

Not only does this curriculum delete the exceptional in rank from each PC, but it allows you to do many configuration options automatically. For case in point you can setup the workgroup or domain, club name, cpu name, duck ceremony size, and a whole lot more.

The Sysprep convenience finds all it's configuration in rank in one moderately austere . inf file. Which for the most part follows the below case in terms of setup:

FullName=Your Name
OrgName=Your Organization


The credentials that comes with the advantage can give hundreds of altered options to aid you in the customization of your image.

One of the best skin of this concentration is the capacity to bring in all the drivers from the atypical types of PC's you have all on to one image. This increases the size of the image, nevertheless will save you hours of work loading drivers on each PC. An case in point of how to put all your drivers on one image is as follows:


As you can see you just keep adding up directories under OemPnPDriversPath for all the atypical types of hardware you have. Also it deletes the page file with KeepPageFile=0. Take the time to read the certification and help files that come along with this convenience for the reason that it can certainly cut down your workload.

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