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As of now - Great Plains Dynamics/eEnterprise is transformed/renamed into Microsoft Great Plains and Microsoft Affair Solutions is in administer of merging all its accounting applications: Great Plains, Solomon, Navision and Axapta into rather granular: Microsoft Financials, Microsoft HR, Microsoft Distributions, Microsoft Endeavor Accounting, etc. So the first aim of Great Plains be supposed to be deemphasized. But even now - Great Plains is printed on the brainwashing dialect and technology, produced in early 1990-th, named Great Plains Dexterity. And the graphical border looks very user gracious and nice - these are all Agility forms and screens.

The first designer of Dexterity, Tim Brookins, pursued a number of goals, the main are these:

1. Engine, sustaining graphical interface, which is central processing unit platform autonomous - if you commit to memory those days - the main battle was concerning Macintosh and Microsoft Windows. Mac was graphical and very popular, but Windows, backed by IBM cloning/platform directness was very perilous competitor. The new engine was under attack to work on both: Mac and Windows. On the other hand - minion could look at the hope far an adequate amount to be sure that other competitors from both Hardware and In service Systems sides not going to take over. This is why the graphical platform all-embracing engine was necessary for the new type - Graphical accounting/ERP system: Great Plains Dynamics.

2. Database platform freedom - firstly Great Plains used Ctree (available for both PC and Mac) and Btrieve, later on with Microsoft SQL Attendant 6. 5 Great Plains moderately easy introduced it as a new alternative: Dynamics C/S+ on SQL Server. Again - nonentity could assurance which DB will be a winner. Technically Agility could easy afford DB switch. Sorry to say - the inevitability to aid "cheap" databases, such as ctree compulsory Ability designer to use cursors or loops as a substitute of if aggregation, obtainable on all SQL blends.

To resolve these goals, and next all the rage those days consider that C encoding idiom is platform independent, C was select as the low level dialect to write agility itself.

This was the story, now to the applied side. You can establish Adroitness from Great Plains 7. 5 or 8. 0 CD #2. Noticeably it requires a lot of knowledge / training, but it allows your custom piece be seamlessly integrated with Great Plains interface.

1. Native Adroitness Cursors. Agility was calculated as platform autonomous training idiom and so if you want your code to be operable on all presently supported databases - you use Adroitness ranges and loops to manipulate the records

2. Great Plains Ability with SQL Stored Procs Nowadays, most of Great Plains installations are moved to SQL Head waiter - so you can use Adroitness for custom forms diagram only and make the buttons run SQL stored procedures.

3. COM Bits and pieces calls. Commencement with description 7. 0 Adroitness chains COM stuff - you chronicle them as libraries in Dexterity. Refer the manual. This method allows you to call such nice equipment as web armed forces crosswise the internet.

4. Dexterity Forms - if you like VBA and are comfortable to do all the affair logic in VBA - you can use Adroitness as new forms creator/editor. This is OK - but you have to acquire VBA/Modifier and Customization Site Enabler from MBS.

Some restrictions. Great Plains is essentially integration of numerous dictionaries: DYNAMICS. DIC, ADVSECUR. DIC, EXP1493. DIC, etc. In your Ability customization you can deal with one glossary - DYNAMICS. DIC. If you need cross dictionaries customization - be concerned about using SQL Stored Procs for crossing thesaurus limitations and pulling data/making changes in the other dictionary.

Happy customizing! if you want us to do the job - give us a call!

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Andrew Karasev is Chief Equipment Executive in Alba Spectrum Technologies - USA countrywide Great Plains, Microsoft CRM customization company, based in Chicago, California, Texas, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, New York and having locations in compound states and worldwide www. albaspectrum. com, he is Dexterity, SQL, C#. Net, Gem Information and Microsoft CRM SDK developer.

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