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As you almost certainly know, when Microsoft purchased Great Plains Software - the whole line of attack for Great Plains Dynamics/eEnterprise line was changed. Opening GPS policy was to be adamant DB platform freedom - via it's C-written engine Dexterity, based on the consider that C indoctrination dialect is platform independent. So - Great Plains was in succession on MS SQL Server, Ctree (Faircom - if you bring to mind 1995-96 Macintosh era), Enveloping SQL (Btrieve). Microsoft noticeably had no plan to keep this multiplatform capability and Great Plains was optimized to MS SQL Ma?tre d'h?tel and with the foreword of MSDE - the need to keep entry level Dynamics on Ctree/Btrieve disappeared.

Microsoft Great Plains Affair Solutions, later renamed to Microsoft Affair Solutions was distribution compound signals to Dynamics customers to migrate to SQL Server, later on to upgrade to Great Plains Average on MSDE. A short time ago it promoted all the clients who own Great Plains on Ctree/Pervasive - so now they technically own so called Great Plains Standard. All they need to do is pay for Migration (around k$3 + consulting fee to whoever your MBS VAR is).

Unfortunately MBS did quite a few rough turns in the course of this migration from ctree/Pervasive to SQL/MSDE.

Until early 2004 you could see assist end date for Great Plains 7. 5 on Ctree/Pervasive was July, 31, 2005. In about April, 2004 - Microsoft almost distorted it to December 31, 2004. This essentially exposed all the clients with regulation-related modules (such as US Payroll - where you fairly do not risk with printing W2s exclusive of support) to critical problems

Clients who migrated to Great Plains accepted are now in the ambiance that they paid for amazing that is free now. See above - all the low price GP clientele now technically owns GP Standard

Ctree/Pervasive clients with high capacity of employees count in GP Payroll/HR now have to cut it to 500 employees due to the cap for GP Standard. You can assume frustration, above all due to the fact that a lot of mid-size and big companies were in a row very cheap Dynamics on Ctree for just Payroll/W2 filing. This was a very nice different to food like Abra HR - not any more.

What to do. Well, if you plan to stay with GP - the only different is to migrate to MSDE. Commerce your MBS VAR (or call us directly: 1-866-528-0577). You will be given Migration Tool quote - then establish MSDE and Great Plains with accurately the same financial statement assembly that you have on Pervasive/Ctree. Tune Migration Tool, choice all the tables in all the modules, click the close and wait a few hour - and you are in the SQL World!

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