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Microsoft affair solutions var/partner medley ? overview for it director/manager/controller - software


Microsoft Great Plains and Microsoft CRM befall more and more popular, fairly as of Microsoft muscles after them. Now Great Plains is besieged to the whole spectrum of horizontal and vertical marketplace clientele. Small companies use Small Commerce Director (which is based on the same know-how - Great Plains Adroitness lexicon and runtime), Great Plains Average on MSDE is for small to midsize clients, and then Great Plains serves the rest of the promote up to big corporations. Microsoft CRM is enormously scalable and fits to all the bazaar niches.

It is at all times good idea to establish the whole lot on your own - in spite of this Great Plains requires amalgamation of laptop networking, some programming, good accounting/distribution/logistics/reporting conditions - so it is not a amazement that Microsoft Commerce Solutions requires their customers to have in particular assigner Microsoft Great Plains Partner/VAR/Reseller to serve the account.

If you are IT Director/Controller who has the dilemma of appropriate partner assortment - read this and you will have the clues on where to look further.

1. Local partners - if you are in the cold area - there is often seen the estimation that local partner is the best choice. Believe this nevertheless as a contra disagreement - local partners maybe tiny with one/few consultants and they may not serve you adequately when you have to some extent complicated - such as Manufacturing, complicated Cast Accounting needs, integration with UNIX-based heritage system, etc.

2. Mid-Size partners in Major Commerce Metros - these companies were classical Great Plains VARS/Resellers with balanced claim consulting and expert expertise. Please, care about these points, however: in hot downturn most of such partners were bought or merged with big auditing companies and lost their flexibility, plus their consulting fee went up due to the fact of belonging to big conglomerates.

3. Nation-wide partners with local agent offices. This maybe a very good option, if you need kind of reliability and accomplish expertise - lost parts could be taken from atypical locality with this specialization. But the hourly rates are maybe the peak among the first three.

4. One-Project-Manager partner with Offshore consultants - Well - this is very new type of partners - and you potentially can save a lot of money if you are risk taker - hourly rate is customarily lower, price of the bankruptcy maybe higher.

5. Nation-wide partner with tiny local representation, portion via cold support. We are in this category, so let me tell you combine of good points here. Companies like ours - have to focus in order to do first-rate job in what we claim is our area (technology challenging projects with heavy customization needs). Portion via cool aid lets us keep convincingly low rates and often go for fixed bids.

Also duo of hints about how do you alter the partner. It is in reality more easy than you may think - you just send the new projected partner the dispatch in free arrangement axiom that you would like to change to you as my Microsoft Commerce Solutions partner - and this is it.

Happy shopping! if you want us to help you - give us a call!

About The Author

Andrew Karasev is Chief Equipment Administrator in Alba Spectrum Technologies - USA all over the country Great Plains, Microsoft CRM customization company, based in Chicago, California, Texas, New York, Colorado, Washington, Florida, Canada, UK and having locations in manifold states and worldwide www. albaspectrum. com, he is Dexterity, SQL, C#. Net, Precious stone Intelligence and Microsoft CRM SDK developer.

akarasev@albaspectrum. com


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