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Our company, Novaprof Inc. , urbanized distinctive software - DB Integration. This software makes it doable to integrate two databases of *. mdb format. An integration, in this case, is combining the matter of two databases. Software features.

This software makes it achievable to association two another databases. Final file can be made on the basis of one of the opening database, i. e. the bits and pieces of a different opening databases are imported to one of the first database. A different variant of combining two opening databases into the third final database.

In the next versions.

Next versions will have new features: first of all, apart from the leeway to association data, it will be likely to amalgamate schemas on the basis of the concurrent subschemas of two databases. Also it will be achievable to integrate databases of the . mdb arrange and of the arrange of the other databases of DBM.

For instance, you can bloc MS SQL and Augur database, and the final list will be MS Access. In the next adaptation it will be doable to bring out similarities of two databases in the certain mode, not to classify the semantically alike databases and schema. Also you may bring to mind which skin you do want the next versions of this software to have. All the suggestions will be taken into concern and realized as it will be possible.

You can buy DB Integration on http://secure. emetrix. com/order/product. asp?PID=5627900.

Head software developer in Novaprof Inc.

You can download demo adaptation from our site: http://www. novaprof. com

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