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Great Plains Buy Order Dispensation (POP) module makes up one-third of the core Great Plains Catalog and Order Doling out group (the other two being Catalog Management and Sales Order Processing). POP seamlessly integrates with other Great Plains modules (GL, PM, FA, SOP, etc. ) allowing for a tightly-knit in rank system. Gone are the days when invoices from purchases have to be asked from other departments. Great Plains POP module empowers its users by allowing approach to mission-critical in a row plus audit be in charge of and acquire commotion chemical analysis (with accurate collateral permission, of course).

Great Plains prides itself of being able to allow its users in reshuffle affair processes by being in control. It also improves correctness and increases worker productivity by automating dull purchasing tasks. POP lets you begin long term contracts using blanket buy information to best ever and track comprehensive purchases, generous you bigger negotiating power with your vendors and simplifying bond asset processes. The hottest versions comprise capabilities to accurately best ever and track landed costs as well as auto-generation of acquire orders.


? Multiple Ship-To Addresses - Enter a ship-to attend to for each line item on a acquire order, dipping documents for items shipped to manifold addresses.

? Mapping - Map buy order line information to line items, automatically, to accelerate buy orders.

? Alerts- Ascertain alerts that avert employees from issuing illogical acquire orders.

? Flexible Be in charge of of Processes - Charge purchasing processes with cost variance tracking, easy assign of information, receiving/invoicing adjacent to manifold asset orders, all-embracing receipt information, posting, and 1099 reporting.

? Line-Item Level Visibility - Cope acquisition commands at the line-item level with automated roll-up of alike items, free on-board (FOB) designation, being line item announcement to vendor dates, and multi-site delivery.

? Purchase Order Tracking - Get immediate answers with absolute tracking of open or chronological acquire order and being paid papers by order number, item number, or date.

? Audit Control- Avow audit be in command of with cancelled item tracking, line-item ordering and category information, certificate revision tracking, and custom-made landed cost definition.

? Multi-Currency Transactions - Enter, track, and bang multicurrency transactions in the originating or functional currency, translated using barter rate tables, with elite functionality for European Union customers.

? Drop Batch - Drop-ship instructions absolutely from supplier to buyer and bypass the classic array bring up to date process.

? Reports - Dissect acquire action with Buy Order Status, Bill Cost Variance, and redistribution reports. Integrate with Microsoft Great Plains modules such as Gem Hearsay for additional account flexibility and power.

? Requisition Management for Microsoft Big business Entrance - Eliminate paper-based requisitions by creating requisitions via a Web browser, with consequential admiration routing and e-mail notification. View acquisition requisitions in deal with as they route from employees to supervisors and purchasing, with bespoke tracking and confirmation of commitments aligned with budgets.

? PO Generator - Automate purchasing all the way through order point or min/max settings. PO Generator determines quantities considered necessary based on the stock job in relative to the stock goals and generates a not compulsory acquisition order that can be reviewed and abbreviated prior to release. Also, consequentially build buy guidelines in comeback to extent shortages on consumer instructions and deal with these id from inside POP.

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