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Introduction to C++

Why Learn C++?

C++ may at first seem like a boring, bewildering brainwashing expression that you can only course charge bring about applications with. Well, that is what it is like in the [b]begining[/b]. And you are going to need to learn the basics like this with any encoding language. As you get beat and advancement in your C++ skills, you will begin to learn that you can start creation some cool applications easier than you accepted wisdom you could. The main analyze to learn C++ though, is that it teaches all the basics of encoding and you will learn concepts that will be used in other types of programming. Many other brainwashing languages are like C++ or use C++. For example, PHP, a brawny web change idiom uses more or less the same syntaxes as C++. DirectX, a communal game education graphics annals primarily uses C++.

Setting up C++

Ill affect that most citizens are not going to want to spend the money for a compiler, thats fine, there are many great free compilers. I use Dev-C++ as it has some nice skin tone and is fast, and best of all, its FREE!

http://www. bloodshed. net/dev/devcpp. html

You can download it here. Download it and fit it, this step is beautiful easy. At some stage in instillation, cliquey all the deafult ethics all through instillation.

Create a New Project:
Go to the top menu: File -> New -> Cause File, or just press Ctrl+N

You ought to now have a text document. Then, write the next text in the document:


using namespace std; int main() {


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