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Ok. . . Where to start?

Well, I guess I will start at the beginning. . . . .

Like many surfers and chiefly webmasters and webmarketers, I spend quite a bit of time consecutively about the net, researching this, investigating that and so on.

So of course of action I come diagonally any digit of questionable websites with even more distrustful software. In many cases the webmasters aren't even aware of how much dent that piece of software they are between to can cause. In other cases, it's the authentic programmers, and of all colonize they ought to know better.

I have seen some messed up systems due to spyware, hackware and other malicious programs (and I am not even going to start discussion about the viruses or Defiance of Ceremony attacks some associates find amusing).

Not all to long ago, a acquaintance of mine was surfing the web and came diagonally a website that all of a impulsive triggered a bunch of popups, one after the other, she couldn't even close them down as fast as they were coming. Among all of those popups were also establish windows and guess what???? They were set to run some macro that consequentially unsaid she had hit open (for the ask for to open, save or cancel) and the next thing she knew 6 new software programs had been installed on her computer.

Now, she's no dummy and knows her way about a central processing unit well an adequate amount to know to check for uninstall files, to run 'add/remove programs' and even knows her way about the registry well adequate that she could cut off approximately all of them.

But let's step back a moment, these darn equipment triggered themselves to install, wether the surfer wants it or not, it doesn't matter. We're going to shove this software down your throat regardless.

Ok, back to my friend. She was able to confiscate all of the programs but two. One was being so stubborn, it wasn't even funny anymore. I went to a tech net site I use occasionaly and ran a examination (you can use google too and most often find great info from one of the groups there) and came crosswise some in order from that programmer's own site with facts how to uninstall it (mind you though, the software didn't even allusion his homepage or anything).

Holy coding batman, this thing wouldn't even cut off with his own instructions. So one of the techs she knows ran SpyBot - Explore and Annihilate ( http://www. spybot. info/en/index. html )and they were as a final point able to confiscate it (well, so they thought).

Let's shift gears a moment. There's a course that hit my own arrangement a while back called WinTools. You will see it in your course files (check the taskmanager) with names such as wtoolsa. exe or wtoolsb. exe and so on.

Here's the kicker on this one. You go in and uninstall it, it shows it has departed from your coordination and the next thing you know (if you check processes again) this thing is back again. . . . . . What the heck? I just got rid of it. . . How is this possible? Did I just come across some fault in the matrix? Nope, sure enough, you uninstall this puppy, it comes right back again.

Ok, out with Spybot and it cleaned it and the rest of my arrangement (there were 2 more spyware programs I especially didn't need, so off to the big recycle bin in the heaven with them).

All was well, or so I thought.

My arrangement in progress cover certainly bad and I knew RAM wasn't the issue, nor were coordination capital generally the issue, but it kept receiving worse. Dreaded 'blue broadcast of death' minidumps ongoing incident randomly. Virus scans and Spybot scans weren't decision anything, the classification is defragmented and cleaned up, what gives?????

A associate told me about Microsoft releasing the beta of their AntiSpyware course (I don't consider I am going to say a bit nice about Microsoft, groan, all my ancestors are rolling over in their graves now, I know it). He had noticed in a combine of cases (He's a MCSE tech that swears by Spybot - well he used to) that this new course was pick up ghost files that spybot had not caught.

Ok, off to http://www. microsoft. com/athome/security/spyware/software/default. mspx and let's download this software. . . It's a free beta.

It's an easy and easy fit and runs cute fast. I run a classification scan and guess what, I have 4 programs on here that Spybot had allegedly aloof and where not performance up in any of their information anymore. Well, well, well. . . . . (I disconnected from my ISP at this point for a bit) Let's cut off them all. Reboot the system.

Look at that, as I am booting up, one of the programs (wtoolsa. exe) is difficult to reinstall itself as my notebook is booting up again, but look, hahahaha, it can't find the coordination source to do it. Yipeeeee. . . . After I completed booting up, I even ran the MS Antispyware one more time and rebooted just to be sure and look at that, it didn't even try anymore.

I am proud to account that my processes file doesn't show WinTools anymore, in any of it's many forms. The other three items we found on my cpu are gone as well.

Oh, and my friend's mainframe is also clean now.

Well, that's my story, like it or not, in this case Microsoft wins. Don't get me wrong. Spybot has served me well and I am exit it installed, as you never know what Microsoft might not catch.

One final belief I sought to leave you with despite the fact that is this. Be very cautious to what you have your mainframe set, be wary of software that just appears from nowhere, or if you are surfing and a website tries to assure you to download a touch you didn't request. Also, make sure your Antivirus, Spybot and MS Antispyware are all up to date with their most up-to-date libraries and definitions.

Here's to your success,


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