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Lotus domino: concentration integration ? a programmer view - software


There are two approaches for attention integration:

? Programmer's approximate - for applications integration it is basic to coin some code codes;

? Integrator's approximate - in this case distinctive software goods are to be used and the integration course set up by those software settings. The subsequent tools may be used for the first approach:

? ODBC. In Lotus Domino codes may be used:

o Three @-functions (@DbColumn, @DbLookUp and), which work with registrated ODBC-drivers . @DbColumn takings the whole article from exterior table, @DbLookUp administer hunt by the key, and @DbCommand runs a be in charge of ODBC-driver or outer table (for ex, UDATE or DELETE);

o Three confidential LotusScript Data Bits and pieces (LS:DO), which aid bond process, consecutively of SQL-request and afford operations with acknowledged conclusion table. This tool is more adaptable than usage of described above @-functions (specifically, transactions mechanism, errors handling, etc);

o Free NotesSQL ® ODBC-driver allows passion Lotus Domino databases by SQL. This logic is accessible only for down-to-earth Lotus Domino databases, as them are not family member databases and SQL is not good to work with (problems with manifold fields ethics and atypical fields set in documents);

? JDBC. For as the crow flies using of JDBC mechanism, free IBM JDBC-driver may be downloaded, which allows passion Lotus Domino databases from Java-applications. This approximate is advance then use NotesSQL ® ODBC-driver, but can not be use with center databases. JDBC knowledge also using in some integration mechanisms, but JDBC itself is buried from the programmer(as example, using build in JSP Custom Tag Libraries);

? OLE. Using of this equipment is in the Microsoft platforms frame. If this limitation is all right for a task, then using of this knowledge allows data exchanging from LotusScript to OLE-applications. Expressly it is feasible to export data from Lotus Domino to MS Excel or MS Word. This expertise often is using to construct intelligence for Lotus Domino data. In Lotus Domino exists Notes/FX mechanism, which implicitly uses OLE- technologies. This apparatus allows to administer certain data argument concerning fields of Lotus Domino forms and in rank affirmed on OLE-server. Lately Notes/FX are used in especially applications very seldom;

? XML. Using of this knowledge in Lotus Domino R 6 allows dispensation of Lotus Domino objects' cascade transformation (documents, blueprint elements, ACL, etc. ) into XML and back, apply in a barrage XSLT to XML, put filters on translated/received information, as well as appraisal XML by build in LotusScript-classes, processed DOM and SAX parsing;

? HTML. If an HTTP task is on track on Domino server, then from outer applications is existing sending/receiving data by of the same name protocol;

? CORBA. This knowledge used in Lotus Domino more in Java content. Applets, servlets, Domino JSP Custom Tag Libraries, using this equipment may chat data with Lotus Domino;

Apart in integration solutions line are DECS (Domino Activity Bond Services), DCR (Data Association Resources) and LEI (IBM Lotus Project Integrator for Domino) technologies. These technologies bar of coding ask for dealing out settings to be tuned and may be refer as to first (programmer) as to back up (integrator) approaches to integrate applications.

DECS know-how allows absolute link with DB2, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Sybase sources, and outdoor sources by ODBC and OLE technologies.

DECS knowledge needs of the same name task on the Domino server, as well as some settings in « DECS Administrator» database. Two types of credentials can be produced in this database:

? Connection, which provides the chance linking with an outdoor system. Not including details, let say that this deed provides the path to exterior find and login and password for this connection;

? Activity, provides correspondence among Lotus Domino fields and in a row from outside source. The correspondence is assigned by exceptional Lotus Domino form and fields. This deed can assist up to four case types (form open in Lotus Domino, data changing, deleting or new background conception in Lotus Domino). After Commotion deed is activated the same processes in outer cause will be ongoing if the tracking cases crop up in Lotus Domino. For example, imputing and reduction the new data in Lotus Domino (in case if them are tracking), analog data come in outer source.

DECS device works accurately in case if exterior cause data are worked with only by Lotus Domino. Otherwise, if the data here in outdoor cause omitting Lotus Domino they do not inevitably transferred to Lotus Domino.

DCR know-how appeared in Lotus Domino R 6, is an crossing point augmentation for DECS know-how and work only with corresponding task on Domino DCR server. Lacking details, the new blueprint amount by name DCR may be painstaking as analog of Association article from « DECS Administrator» database. By the way, analogies of Action credentials are determinated completely in Lotus Domino forms.

LEI expertise may be careful as increasing of DECS. Using of LEI allows to developers much more promise for data doling out with build in Lotus Connector Lessons for LEI.

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