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The software giants don't do the whole thing and don't continually churn out the consequence that we want. At least if you're like me, and you're not where you would like to be (profitwise).

The fact is that there are tons of small software companies looking for niche markets with food that do some very exceptional belongings such as: assemble mart data from ebay, send a load of mail (not anticipated for spamming), keep track of your bowling league stats and so much more. The adulthood of these are marketing their stuff as shareware.

If you haven't heard that word before, it means that you can download software and test drive it for a short time (generally a month). If it does what you want/need done then you must catalog (pay).

Pricewise most of it is far less dear than the major vendors, despite the fact that it is as a rule more detail in it's purpose. In other words they don't try to be the lot to everyone.

The good part is that when a circle narrows its' focus the outcome can be very impressive. If you're not advertising fluff you can get a lot done.

Of course, when you look for a bit among hundreds of producers it can get a barely complex. There are dozens of sites that host these programs and put them in categories to make them easier to find.

If this sounds exciting try a few of these links to get started. When you get to the site and find a little that looks good just admire the links, download it to your hard disk, bend in half click on it and be a consequence the installation program. The next thing you know you have a new program.

Sometimes they download as zip (compressed) files which means you need a agenda (winzip if you us windows) to unzip (uncompress) them. The evaluation copy of winzip (free trial) is at- http://www. winzip. com . Click on download, then evaluation.

Listed below are download sites with an incredible capacity of shareware.

http://www. bluechillies. com

http://www. download. com (the largest)

http://www. simplythebest. com

http://www. jumbo. com

http://www. shareware. com

http://www. sharewarejunkies. com

http://www. downloads. asp-shareware. com

http://www. tucows. com

http://www. galttech. com

http://www. superfiles. com

http://www. freewarefiles. com

http://www. passtheshareware. com

and on and on and on. . .

or go to your desired examination engine and type in shareware.

Copyright 2004 Dean Walden

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Dean Walden is the dramatist of '50 Shareware Reviews' which is an ebook with reviews of 50 shareware programs. The ebook gives the site name, the cost, a rating and size. To learn more or asset go to http://www. freewebbook. com/sharebok. htm

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