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Now is the time to look at an different to Microsoft Office.

Are you protected into using Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint? Are you expenses extra for the reason that you need a database, and Approach does not come with the basic Company package?

Well, the time has come to look at alternatives, or at least the one Iˇ¦ll confer here in a few moments. Whether you are a journalist on a tight budget, but need to send your submittals in Word design or an worker deficient to do work at home lacking any paying hundreds of dollars for Company or installing an dishonest copy at home, there are low-cost options.

(Just as an aside, do NOT ever ensconce or use unlicensed software from Microsoft or everybody else. It is austerely not worth the headaches, counting huge fines and achievable jail time. And if you take a copy home from the office, you may lose your job. )

How much would you pay for bureau productivity software with these features?

o runs on Windows (R), just like Microsoft Office

o all files can be saved in Microsoft Company formats

o a word processor

o a spreadsheet

o a presentation tool

o a database

o a doodle tool

o export to Circus performer PDF design (requires third-party add ins to do this in Microsoft Office)

o save in Flash arrangement (. SWF) for use on the Web; this cannot be done at all in Microsoft Office

Are you fascinated yet? Want to know the price?


For more information, visit the OpenOffice site: http://www. openoffice. org

How can this be? Well, there is a association among programmers about the world referred to as ˇ§open source. ˇ¨ I wonˇ¦t bore you with great detail, but the idea is that programmers from all over will donate their time to effective on a certain consequence (in this case, OpenOffice) and departure it in the communal domain. You may have heard of the Linux in service system; it is still the most famed open cause collaboration.

Just as RedHat and SuSE, among others, take Linux and add tools to make it easier to use, Sun Microsystems has StarOffice existing opening at $79. 95. This includes imperfect expert aid (OpenOffice does not have mechanical support. ) This is still a bargain, and Sun sponsors OpenOffice. In case you are not customary with Sun, they are a very solid Silicon Valley company, primarily known for their workstations and inventing the Java brainwashing language.

Instead of upgrading to Company 2003, I advise at least investigating the OpenOffice option. Whether a home user or a affair with hundreds of copies of Company installed, it just makes sense.

After all, it is free!

About the author: Gregory S. Diehl has more or less 35 years come into contact with in applying equipment to solve affair troubles and develop opportunities. He has worked as a systems analyst, programmer, industrial writer, Web developer and frequent other roles. A Master CIW Designer, he is at this time initial a Web aim and education firm in Las Vegas.

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