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  • C/SIDE (Client/Server Integrated Advance Environment) - The core of Navision is the C/SIDE. C/SIDE is the foundation for all the affair management functionality of Navision. It is made up of five construction blocks, called be against types, which are used to construct the application. These five be against types are communal during Navision to conceive every appliance area, and give it a unified, dependable interface. This brawny expression allows for the domestic construction of new affair logic and advanced reporting. As of the domestic description of modifications it's decidedly optional that you advance all your code in "processing only" bang matter and called from the native code base. By grouping all your code in coherent units, upgrades and extra modifications are easier to manage.
  • C/ODBC and C/FRONT - Both C/ODBC and C/FRONT permit you to by a long way use in sequence from Navision in customary programs such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. The Open Catalog Connectivity driver for Navision (C/ODBC) is an concentration course boundary (API) that provides a way for other applications, such as the total Microsoft Administrative center Suite, to send and retrieve data to and from the Navision file by means of the ODBC interface.
  • External Tool: Navision Developer's Toolkit - The Navision Developer's Toolkit enables your Microsoft Practiced Big business Solutions Partner to upgrade your Navision blend to the most modern version. It is used to evaluate and upgrade client and vertical solutions

Reporting Options - Aside from the authoritative in-house coverage tool which requires an in-depth acquaintance of C/SIDE to make it beneficial the other options are:

  • Jet Reports- Jet Information is a accomplish exposure box utilizing Microsoft Excel. Using Excel you can conceive hearsay on any table of data from surrounded by any particle in Navision.
  • C/ODBC - Using the ODBC driver, the full Microsoft company suite and programs such as Rock Hearsay can admission the database. I would commend using this tool for infrequent coverage needs only. If you need to pull data out of the Navision catalog on a accepted basis one of the other options is a develop choice.
  • Business Analytics (SQL Ma?tre d'h?tel Required) - Using Online Analytic Giving out (OLAP) from Microsoft SQL Server? 2000, Big business Analytics organizes all of your commerce data into in sequence units called cubes. Using a common Microsoft Outlook - style interface, Affair Analytics presents this in a row to your desk top where easy to use investigative tools allow you to carry out besieged chemical analysis that is tailored by you, for you
  • XBRL - Extensible Commerce Coverage Foreign language (XBRL) for Navision enables down-to-earth and reliable allotment of all a company's economic in a row and ensures efficient and correct data transfer. XBRL is an XML-based specification that uses conventional pecuniary treatment principles and practices to export economic gossip athwart all software and technologies, plus the Internet

Good luck in customization and coverage and if you have issues or concerns - we are here to help! If you want us to do the job - give us a call 1-866-528-0577! help@albaspectrum. com

Robert Horowitz is Proficient Navision Specialist in Microsoft Big business Solutions Partner Alba Spectrum Technologies - USA countrywide Navision, Great Plains, Microsoft CRM customization company, based in Chicago, California, Arizona, Texas, Florida, New York, Georgia, Washington, Colorado, Canada, UK, Australia, Moscow and having locations in manifold states and globally (www. albaspectrum. com). You can commerce Robert: andrewk@albaspectrum. com

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