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eStore Benefit allows front-office applications to be in contact with back-office big business environments. It has a built-in assist for electronic payment processing, and serves as a core integration platform for Nodus Technologies front-to-back bureau connectivity suites plus RMS and CRM Advantage.

eStore Benefit for Microsoft Affair Solutions-Great Plains leverages Microsoft eConnect to give picture perfect integration into Great Plains back office. Here are some of the highlights of eStore Advantage, and how it extends eConnect's EAI boundary to endow with a absolute end-to-end solution.

Reduced Consumption Time:

Microsoft eConnect is a brawny tool for Great Plains back agency integrations. Even if it provides a robust XML interface, the approach integrators still need to be common with MBS Great Plains table structures and field names. eStore Benefit simplifies Microsoft eConnect's XML article boundary by as long as an easy to use affair article layer. Attention developers don't have to know about Great Plains or eConnect, they just exploit the provided items to execute their commerce logic. All the underlying integration issues are handled by eStore Advantage, thus falling the operation time and the erudition curve coupled with eConnect implementations.

Connected / Disconnected Modes:

The eStore Help framework is intended to carry on in both disconnected and attached environments. In disconnected mode in sequence is exchanged all the way through Nodus Web Assistance hosted at the back office, in cases where web assistance is down or not available, communication are queued at the front agency till the communiqu? is restored. In associated mode all the data follows to the back bureau devoid of being queued, conversely the web advantage can still be deployed if deemed necessary.

XML-based Architecture:

Designed for easy maintenance and permanence eStore Improvement Commerce Items employ XML for serialization, queuing and data bring amid front and back agency environments. It not only offers free storefronts, web solutions, and custom applications the capability to integrate with back bureau environment, but also provides developers a athletic infrastructure for their electronic exchange and project applications. Customers don't have to worry about assorted eConnect intrinsic XML credentials types and field names. They have the flexibility to circumscribe their own fields, and adapt how they are mapped to eConnect documents. In adding they have the aptitude to admission custom tables distinct in Great Plains or an exterior database.

Simplified Integration - Helps You Focus on Affair Level Issues:

In short eStore Benefit a lot decreases implementation time from months to days, enabling customers to focus on affair logic and claim advance instead than integration issues. eStore Improvement for Great Plains comes pre-packaged with Acknowledgment Card Benefit and Microsoft eConnect Runtime given that a accomplished elucidation that's both concrete and cost effective.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does eStore Help come with eConnect?

A: Yes. eStore Gain comes pre-packaged with Microsoft eConnect for ISV.

Q: What credentials are supported by eStore Advantage?

A: Existing announcement of eStore Improvement provides items for SOP, Inventory, Cash Receipts, Acquire Instructions and Patron Maintenance.

Q: How can we contact in a row from other modules not supported by eStore Advantage?

A: eStore Affair Bits and pieces add in a DataSet object, which can be configured to admission any eConnect XML Document. In accumulation you can use the same DataSet balk to get in a row from custom tables definite in Great Plains database.

Q: Can I administer electronic payment using eStore Advantage?

A: eStore Help has a built-in aid for dealing out electronic payments. Using our transaction ma?tre d' you can course of action acknowledgment cards, echecks and ACH transactions all through assortment of payment gateways. The accepted transactions are added as payment lines to new or accessible SOP transaction and accepted over to Great Plains.

Q: What if we want to pre-authorize acknowledgment cards from the web site, and allegation them later upon shipment?

A: When doling out pre-authorizations all the way through eStore Advantage, the payment in order is saved in Nodus-specific tables. No payment lines are bent for the connected order or invoice. When shipping branch is ready to comply with the order they use Nodus' Acclaim Card Improvement to accuse the acclaim card. This inevitably creates the payment line and sets the quantity received.

Q: Is it feasible to migrate from Microsoft eCommerce to eStore Advantage?

A: Yes. Microsoft eCommerce uses a disconnected model, where Front and Back Offices are kept in-sync all through Affair Authenticate Barter (BDX) messaging. By replacing the BDX gears with Nodus Web Service, and modifying Front Agency Export Ma?tre d'h?tel pipeline to use eStore Affair Objects, we can afford the same integration using Nodus' eStore Help and Microsoft eConnect.

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