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Once upon a time not so long ago, there was a diminutive boy who went to the promote to try to sell his wares. He wasn't having any luck. "Who will buy my sweet red roses? Two blooms for a penny," he sang out hauntingly.

A young man came along, full of soft-spoken enthusiasm. "I can give you a great tool that will help you sell your roses. I can aim this magnificent new appliance to help you get your letter across. I can give you templates, hundreds of cute clipart. You can construct your presentations in blazingly brilliant colours with glorious animation. I can?"

"But, sir (kind knighted sir), they're only roses?"

"Ah, don't you see. What you need are cute pictures, snappy words. Then, you can sell anything. " The young man on track singing, "If you give them a bit of the razzle dazzle. Razzle astonish them. You've got to razzle amaze them. Today the roses, tomorrow the world!"

And so discernible the birth of slide show presentation software. (Sorry, guys. That was just a bit of unendorsed rumour).

What is true, however, is how much slide show presentation software such as PowerPoint has revolutionised the affair world. Ballet company forecasts are now distributed in presentations (complete with video clip, computer graphics and sound). Staff meetings are run in slide shows. Cast class meetings are ambitious by presentation slides. Even courtesy signs are on paper using presentation software. You know the ones I mean: "Please Make sure You Have Flushed Already You Leave!" on the toilet doors and "Please clean up after yourself. Your protect does NOT work here!" over the kitchen sinks.

I confess. I have cultured a doomed PowerPoint colony over time. I've spent countless hours tinkering with the graphics, experimenting with 100 shades of blue and resizing 500 altered tiny icons until they were the duplicate size. More tragically, I've worked into the dead of the night typing, deleting and retyping to come up with just the right word - one that's concise, effective and easy on the eye. Commenced?no. On track?oooh. Ahead of schedule?hmm. Completed? YES! After all, "Preliminary high-level conceive specifications - Completed" is easier on the eye than "Design Specification - Commenced".

One of my corporate-ignoramis contacts was not so convinced. According to her, if presentation software especially was the most thing since sliced bread, then one must be able to do a lot more with the application. It must befit an crucial part of avant-garde civilisation. She set me a challenge, which I established (all too hastily). It meant that last weekend, armed with my cpu and my all-in-one scanner-printer-copier, I made the next five clothes for home:

  • I-made-it-myself I-love-you Valentines card

  • A well-done-for-coming-second-last certificate of achievement for niece

  • 20 copies of my-own-original-recipes booklet for Christmas presents

  • My whole-life mission statement

  • 10 moving posters to stick on the bathroom mirror, kitchen wall, toilet door?

    The same day I obtainable my 9-year-old niece with her "certificate of achievement", she thanked me with her own presentation for me (and a very attractive and expert looking one at that). The article slide looked like this:

    Why I deserve a NEW PC:

  • Everyone else has a newer PC

  • Kerry's parents have just bought her a new PC

  • Even Kerry's barely brother has a change for the better PC

  • I'll do my training on it

  • I'll certainly use it?I'll even make slide shows with it!!

    It got me thinking. Everywhere along the line, we have bowed the lot into presentations and slides shows as despite the fact that every piece of communiqu? is a sales pitch. I consider I'm not intrinsically adjacent to the presentation software. After all, it is just a tool - not the Devil incarnate. It is us, the able users, who be in command of the attribute of our contact (with or not including the aid of the presentation software). Characteristic comes from subsequent the basics like: keep the presentation points to the point, don't bore the audience, don't read from the slide, avoid undue jargon, don't dumb down the definite communication and, most of all, comfort matters.

    The folly lies in the well-intentioned experimenters who be adamant on cramming the page with also whiz-bang animations or smearing the page with linguistic tripe. Whoosh, a further bullet point shoots diagonally the page. Whoosh, I've elapsed what the host just said.

    So, let's make a pact that we shall never bore each other with show-and-tell-a-thons. We shall never try to bemuse each other with impressive looking slides. We shall never swamp presentations with empty graphics or management-speak jargons. We cannot let a piece of software get the beat of us.

    In the mean time, I can't wait for the establishment of the 'Resume Template'. Maybe it will come in Productivity Advantage Pack 143.

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    Nancy Huang works as a affair consultant and development manager. She enjoys journalism in her spare time and is keen to be write on call for and be more commonly published.

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