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If you've been using MySQL file to store your central data, it is imperative that you make a backing of your data to check any loss of data. This critique shows you how to backing and bring back data in your MySQL database. This administer can also be used if you have to move your data to a new server.

Backing up your database

The quickest and easiest way to backing and do up your file would be to use MySQLDump. If you've got shell or telnet approach to your server, you can help MySQL data by issuing the mysqldump command. The sentence structure for the appreciation is as follows.

mysqldump -u [uname] -p [pass] [dbname] > [backupfile. sql] [uname] - this is your list username [pass]- this is the password for your folder [dbname] - the name of your file [backupfile. sql] - the filename for your list backup

To encouragement your file 'Customers' with the username 'sadmin' and password 'pass21' to a file custback. sql, you would issue the command

mysqldump -u sadmin -p pass21 Customers > custback. sql

Issuing this appreciation will endorsement the folder to custback. sql. This file can be commonplace to a safe scene or a backing media and stored. For more in rank on MySQLDump, you can check out : http://www. mysql. com/doc/en/mysqldump. html

Restoring your database

If you have to re-build your list from scratch, you can by a long shot fix the mysqldump file by issuing the subsequent command. This logic will not work if the tables previously exist in your database.

mysql - u sadmin -p pass21 Customers < custback. sql

If you need to fix up obtainable databases, you'll need to use MySQLImport. The grammar for mysqlimport is

mysqlimport [options] catalog textfile1

To do up your earlier fashioned custback. sql dump back to your Customers Database, you'd issue

mysqlimport -u sadmin -p pass21 Customers custback. sql

For more in rank on MySQLImport, you can check out : http://www. mysql. com/doc/en/mysqlimport. html

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