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The intentions of this short tutorial are not to teach you how to use Open Office, but moderately to show you a quick and dirty way to conceive presentations and tutorials that can be exported as a Macromedai Flash file.

What is Open Office? It is a free, open source, cross platform company suite that has a lot of the same skin tone as all the rage business suites.

Being that it's cross platform means it can be compiled for just about anything, Windows, Linux / Unix, Mac, etc. .

Using Open Bureau Presentation -

Basically, if you've ever used Microsoft Powerpoint, you've beautiful much used Presentation. It's a slide show (or presentation) author that lets you build any style slide show you want.

You can have text, graphics, charts, etc. . . or any combination

It does not take much to assume out Presentation. You can add text or conceive of boxes, add designs, add tables and appealing much everything you can think of.

After you have bent the presentation, here's where you alter it to Flash:

You austerely go in to the 'file' menu and choose 'Export'.

A 'save as' dialog box will come up where you can elect the file name, position and the arrange you want.

From the pull down box you will see the 'Macromedia Flash (SWF)' option, that's the one you want.

Select the format, pick your location, name the file and press the Save button.

That's it. . you now have a Macromedia Flash description of your presentation that you can bring in on your website.

Why whould you want this?

Macromedia Flash is beautiful much a banner for cd on the web, as a consequence there is a plug-in for about every browser and most colonize by now have this plug-in.

This gives you the ability to put Flash comfortable on your site devoid of having to play for the Macromedia Suite.

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