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Hi, Guys,

I consider a lot of programmers are annoying to speculate which Microsoft idiom is the foreign language of the coming . Net applications. We did some do research here and we think that at this flash Microsoft doesn't have an fulfil or a administration - they just try to place both VB. net and C#. net into antagonism with each other and see who will be the winner over time.

Example - Microsoft CRM SDK - Microsoft says - they will have examples in both languages: C# and VB - but for now C# seems to be the winner and if you are vb. net programmer - it is especially hard for you to curriculum Microsoft CRM SDK.

The other illustration is more approving for VB. net. If you plan to agenda Microsoft Chat 2003 - then in MS Argument SDK you see VB examples - it is very hard to use C#, not aware VB constants, come again codes, etc.

My individual judgment - C# is an crack to ask to Java world and take over Java programmers - allowing for flow location with offshore brainwashing - this picture may not be concrete or may have extra complications

In any case - I think C#, being beginning from Java is more advanced and aim oriented (from the inception) than VB. net.

In my belief VB. net is an added effort to move old time VB programmers into . Net realm.

So, again as I think Microsoft just doesn't have a new way, but place both languages into battle with each other and see who will be a winner.

Let's keeps our fingers crossed.

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Andrew Karasev is break down and leader of Alba Spectrum Technologies (www. albaspectrum. com) - Microsoft Big business Solutions C# and VB. net encoding & consulting company, based in Naperville, IL and portion USA generally and worldwide via cool support

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