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Stop the Abscond Mouse

What's the "runaway mouse?" You've seen it. . . you may have even yelled at your central processing unit when it happened. All you want to do is choice (highlight) some text or data in a Microsoft Agency certificate by dragging your mouse. Suddenly, your mouse has a mind of it's own and moves too far too fast. I've even heard colonize shout out "Whoa!" as they try to alias the out of charge mouse.

What ought to you do? First, stop dragging your mouse! To stop the "runaway mouse" add some grand piano shortcuts. To begin, move to the top of the area you want to highlight. Then, press and hold down [Shift]. Move to the end of the area by imperative any directional keys such as the [Down] arrow or [Page Down]. Keep investment down [Shift] and carry on heartrending to the end of text or data that you want to highlight. When you have the area you want then act the next action: formatting, editing, etc.

Still like the mouse? Press and hold [Shift] and click to pick the end of the medley area even if it is at the end of the document. The key is not to drag; use the scroll bar if you need to make big moves.

Excel bonus: Okay, I admit there is a dragging trick in Excel. As a replacement for of pulling harder on the mouse to move to the end of the selection, stop on the scroll bar. If you hop on and ride the scroll bar and gently pull the mouse, you can by a long way avow control.

Easy The ivories Collection Secret

Even develop than the [Shift] key is a covert assortment trick. I balance this to attractive the measurements of a large room--it's much easier with a alone property the measuring tape at one end while you take your time to move to the other end. Ever have a measuring tape snap back when you try this yourself? The buried trick is the [F8] affair key.

To use this choice trick, simply:

1. Move to commencement of the collection area.

2. Press [F8] once.

3. Look in the bed core or left area of your condition bar for EXT; don't assume whatever thing to flash or pop up; EXT stands for Continue Selection.

4. Take your time heartrending to the end of the medley area with your baby grand and/or the mouse.

5. Act the achievement to the preferred area such as formatting, cut, copy, etc. The EXT mode turns off as soon as you do an action. Just move everyplace to clear the highlight. What if you alteration your mind and you want to turn off the Broaden Choice lacking continuing? In Excel, press [F8] again or press [Esc]. In Word, press [Esc] to cancel. Move everyplace to clear the highlight.

Selecting Numerous Items

To choose more than one item such as 2 another paragraphs in Word, 4 cells in Excel, 3 graphics in PowerPoint, or 10 files in Windows Explorer, decide on both [Shift] or [Ctrl]. The basic steps work in Microsoft Office, Windows Explorer, and many other Windows programs.

To cliquey a bordering (touching) area use [Shift]:

1. Click once on the first item.

2. Press and hold [Shift].

3. Click on the last item that you want to highlight and the lot in among will also be selected.

4. Act an accomplishment such as formatting.

To decide on non-contiguous (unrelated) items use [Ctrl]:

1. Click one on the first item.

2. Press and hold [Ctrl] and, click on each of the other items, press [Ctrl] again to unselect.

3. Act the battle to bring to a close operational with the highlighted area. Some ideas for these options:

? Pick files from File > Open to open all of these at the same time in your Microsoft Bureau program.

? Decide numerous slides in the PowerPoint slide sorter to apply a transition.

? Highlight groups of cells or sections of text and apply formatting.

? Choose cartoon items to group, move, or adjust formatting.

Selecting Tricks in Word With the Medley Bar

Have you ever used the choice bar? Just think of this as the left margin of your Word document. To locate the medley bar area, move your mouse to the left of text until it changes from an upper case "I" to a white arrow. Medley tricks to try with the assortment bar:

? Click once to highlight full line.

? Double-click to choice the whole paragraph.

? Triple-click (can you do it?) to highlight the complete deed (great for general changes such as font formatting).

Easy Cliquey All

To make changes to an intact article or file, press [Ctrl] + A to Decide on All or decide on File > Cliquey All (if available).

2004 by Dawn Bjork Buzbee

Dawn Bjork Buzbee is The Software Pro? and a practiced Microsoft Company Practiced and Microsoft Company Specialist Master Instructor. Dawn shares smart and easy ways to efficiently use software and know-how all through her work as a speaker, trainer, and consultant. Visit http://www. SoftwarePro. com for great Microsoft Agency software tips and tricks or to commerce Dawn.

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