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How many steps does it take you to locate and open your Word documents? Try these tricks to make more efficient how you find and open the files you use most often:

Opening Documents

With a brand of choices, how do you open a file? Here are the values plus more than a few piano shortcuts:

? File > Open

? Open toolbar badge (usually 2nd from the left on the Accepted toolbar)

? [Ctrl] + O

? [Ctrl] + F12

? [Ctrl] + [Alt] + F2

Selecting More Than One File

Once you are in the Open dialog box, decide on more than one file to open:

? To choice nonadjacent files in the Open dialog box, click one file, and then hold down [Ctrl] and click each added file.

? To choice adjacent files in the Open dialog box, click the first file in the sequence, and then hold down [Shift] and click the last file.

? To unselect a highlighted file you don't want, hold down [Ctrl] and click the file again.

Stop Hunting For Files

Are you habitually switching to a altered folder or drive when you want to open a file? Adjust the duck folder for your documents:

1. Tools > Options.

2. Click the File Locations tab.

3. With ID elected for File Types, decide on Adapt and move to the folder/drive that you use most often.

4. Appearance by clicking OK twice.

Each time you start Microsoft Word, this will be the duck file position but Word remembers your most current file position each time you come back to the Open dialog box all through your contemporary Word session.

Find Your Last Work

Click once on the File menu and a list of the last 4 most a short time ago used files displays at the bottom. Save time break up your most current work by ever-increasing the list to a greatest of 9 files:

1. Tools > Options.

2. Decide the Broad tab.

3. Look for the option, Freshly used file list and augment the value to 9 files.

4. Decide on OK to finish.

As you carry on to open bonus files, the list of hot files will get bigger up to the last 9 files.

Add the Work Menu

The a short time ago used file list is great for your existing papers but how do you cursorily open other normally used files? Add the Work menu to your main menu bar which makes it easy to locate central files:

1. Tools > Customize.

2. Click the Orders tab.

3. Scroll down the left column, Categories, to locate Built-in Menus near the floor of the list.

4. On the right side column, find the Work menu array and drag it up to the main menu. (I have mine among Dialogue box and Help).

5. Elect Close to finish.

Now, when you have an central file open, just click Work > Add to Work Menu and your article is added to the list. Your top files will then be stored as links on the Work menu anyhow of their place or the last time it was opened. To open a file, elect Work to ceremony the list.

With these tips, your files be supposed to be easier to find and open. To assure that Microsoft Word remembers the adapted changes, exit out of Word, re-start and test each of these time-saving techniques.

2004 by Dawn Bjork Buzbee

Dawn Bjork Buzbee is The Software Pro? and a expert Microsoft Bureau Practiced and Microsoft Company Specialist Master Instructor. Dawn shares smart and easy ways to actually use software and expertise by means of her work as a speaker, trainer, and consultant. Visit http://www. SoftwarePro. com for great Microsoft Company software tips and tricks or to associate Dawn.

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