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Before September 1995, Microsoft Windows was an MS-DOS program. DOS was an easy to use authority line working arrangement that provided you with absolute aptitude to be in command of and troubleshoot your computer. Microsoft's goal was to eliminate DOS, maybe to check you from having absolute charge of your own computer.

The last stand-alone description of MS-DOS was adaptation 6. Unfortunately, that description is not Y2K compliant. Windows 95 and later came with MS-DOS adaptation 7. Unfortunately, that account is too integrated with the in use system. It will not work lacking contact to your hard disk.

FreeDOS is a PC attuned Y2K acquiescent DOS that you can download from www. freedos. org. FreeDOS fits on a free floppy disk and can be used to boot your computer. Download and unzip the file odin7bin. zip (756KB). Unziping will conceive the files diskcopy. exe and fdodin07. 144. Put a blank formatted floppy disk in the drive. In the Start | Run dialog box, or at a authority bring about type "diskcopy fdodin07. 144 a:" to conceive a bootable FreeDOS floppy disk.

Why would you want to boot your central processing unit with DOS? Maybe you want to use Windows XP lacking artifact activation.

First make sure that the BIOS boot categorization on your laptop is configured with the floppy drive as the first boot appliance (or at least beforehand the C: drive). To get to the BIOS configuration screen, press the "Delete" or "F2" key (depending upon your BIOS) while your mainframe is starting.

Insert the FreeDOS floppy disk in the floppy drive and start the computer. At the A:>_ bring about type DATE. FreeDOS will arrival your computer's flow date, along with a encourage to enter a new date. Enter the date that you installed Windows XP (or at least a date already the 30 day cessation date). Confiscate the FreeDOS floppy disk and reopen your computer.

Note: This will only work if Windows XP has never been happening after the 30 day cessation date. The first time Windows XP is in progress after the 30 day end date will be the last time it starts.

Every time you start your computer, start it first with FreeDOS and reset the computer's date to the date that you installed Windows XP. Windows XP will think time has come to a standstill.

Note: Of course, Your file concept and last customized dates will not be correct, so this is not exceedingly a way for a considerable user to bypass Windows XP creation activation. Nevertheless for a few purposes, like culture the Windows XP working system, this can be a way to use Windows XP not including artifact activation.

Microsoft ought to have made the conclusion episode much longer than 30 days. Maybe they want you to activate Windows XP beforehand it crashes.

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