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Lotus domino/notes - microsoft great plains mountain bike as erp with id workflow - overview for it - software


Lotus Domino/Notes - Microsoft Great Plains mountain bike as ERP with Credentials Workflow - overview for IT Specialist

Microsoft Affair Solutions has the whole spectrum of big business applications, the good blend seems to be Microsoft Great Plains and Microsoft CRM. Nevertheless we need to admit that Microsoft is more or less new in the CRM marketplace and also for large corporation it could not be a good idea "to put all the eggs into one basket". If you have investment into other platform from CRM side - such as Lotus Domino/Notes - we offer you integration with Microsoft Great Plains

Why does the ballet company need certificate workflow approach if it has an Accounting/ERP?

The payback of having financial, sales, services, communication, negotiation and other in a row be tightly connected and exposed to down-to-earth treatment and data mining are obvious. Now we are observing the be with and I would dare to say booming phase of CRM systems implementation, which is maybe final flourishing wedding in the long annals of datawarehousing, authenticate workflow, associate management systems.

Some affair situations where you see the benefits

Reports construction not including exceptional knowledge

Special skills are mandatory in order to work with byzantine ERP system. By and large monetary specialist has such skills, but top-level managers, who do certainly need the information, may not be prepared. Also, ERP based intelligence be supposed to be delivered on conventional basis. If Lotus Domino/Notes is used as a corporate contact platform, then to resolve the issue, in particular considered routines may be used to pull the in order from pecuniary systems (Great Plains, Solomon, Navision, Axapta, SAP, SCALA, Accpac, MAS90 to name a few) to Lotus databases on the schedule. In this case users, plus top-level managers will work with this in order via custom interface.

Documents routing

One of the competitive reward of CRM is a workflow. Monetary credentials are as a rule area under discussion for admiration beforehand posting. Archetypal accounting/ERP systems do not have (or have very limited) workflow design. Such the workflows could be fashioned on Lotus Domino/Notes platform. Then, all through the link to Microsoft Great Plains or other ERP coordination you will have article agreement workflow.

The characteristic austere workflow would be like this - send notifications to AR to take off the hold from the buyer upon the payment receipt.

So the approximate to integrate accounting coordination and credentials oriented Lotus Domino/Notes seems very attractive for corporate in rank architecture.

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