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We would like to give you a number of situations, when you may need custom change and training to better Microsoft CRM functionality. This overview is for programmer, software developer, IT specialist, folder administrator.

Microsoft CRM, the CRM concentration from Microsoft Affair Solutions utilizes more or less all the current Microsoft technologies: . Net (it is in fact in print in C#. Net with HTML and Javascript at the web client side plus has Microsoft CRM SDK with C# and in part VB. Net samples), Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Chat 2003/2000 and others. Now to give you brief analysis from the workflow and e-mail - you can send email at once from Account, Associate or Lead and it will be processed by Microsoft CRM-Exchange connector. This email will have GUID in the communication header. When beneficiary answers the email - it will be processed by the connector - it will acknowledge the GUID and will find the fundamental bustle and will add this email as clogged bustle to the earliest object: contact, checking account or lead. This is very nice feature, but in the real world you may have these situations:

1. CRM user will not use CRM border and will send email from his/her Outlook. Heir will be given and answer back and these emails will not be handled by Microsoft CRM-Exchange connector. They will not have GUID and connector has no idea on what to do with them.

2. Imagine, that you have Bank account Best Corporation, with call being John john@bestcorporation. com. Now new being in Best Corporation, Susan sends you communication from susan@bestcorporation. com - and her email will not be attached to your Best Corporation account, as this email doesn't have GUID and it also doesn't have matching email in the call person. So - it is doubtless nice to catch emails by realm name as well, say - all the emails, advent from www. bestcorporation. com must be close to Best Corporation account.

3. Now - your sales rep initiated the first email to the client from Microsoft CRM and got response, transferred back into CRM account. Then he intermittently replied on the reply from outlook - this reply, having GUID will be replied back and not transferred into MS CRM, as MS Argument connector "thinks" that this letter was previously replied by the first reply.

4. To cut the odds that users will use outlook to send new letters and key the e-mail from there - you would doubtless like the idea to cancel them from MS Argument file when they are transferred to the CRM. In this case they will not be seen in MS Outlook (We are not conversation about Microsoft CRM Outlook client, where you in fact see CRM data and objects)

If you are programmer or software developer - you can essentially course these advancements and we'll give you the direction.

This performance is COM+ applications, registered as Microsoft Argument sinks or handlers. You can use VisualStudio. Net, but you will not have debugging available, since these applications will work as event handlers. Microsoft Chat allows you to alter it's logic in the events, exposed for custom handling. Incoming emails ought to be handled, when ONSYNCSAVE Microsoft Altercation List event is fired ahead of the commitment. You use Microsoft CRM SDK to conceive the email activity. You be supposed to use aim SQL inform to flag the commotion as blocked (however not optional by Microsoft - but Microsoft CRM SDK doesn't have the logic to close the action - so you exceedingly don't have an alternative from SDK side). Outgoing emails ought to be handled with so-called bring dealings firing, which is more complicated and less acknowledged part of Microsoft Chat SDK.

Happy customizing! if you want us to do the job - give us a call 1-866-528-0577! help@albaspectrum. com

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Andrew Karasev is Chief Expertise Executive in Alba Spectrum Technologies - USA generally Microsoft CRM, Microsoft Great Plains customization partner, based in Chicago, California, Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Minnesota, New York, Georgia and Florida, Canada, UK, Australia and having locations in manifold states and globally (www. albaspectrum. com), he is Great Plains Dexterity, SQL, C# and VB. Net, Gem Intelligence and Microsoft CRM SDK developer; akarasev@albaspectrum. com

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