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Great Plains Integration Administrator scripting and conversion - overview for programmer, software developer, file administrator, IT specialist

Microsoft Commerce Solutions main average marketplace ERP appliance - Microsoft Great Plains has compound integration options: MS SQL Scripting (stored procedures and views), ADO. Net programming, Microsoft SQL Attendant DTS packages. You definitely can position such SDK tools as eConnect. In spite of this here we would like to show you how to agenda the simplest user gracious tool: Microsoft Great Plains Integration Manager.

We fake that you are common with Microsoft scripting technologies: Visual Basic for Claim (VBA). You must be aware, however, about poor act of Integration Manager. We advise it for low degree of complicated transactions. It is good tool, if you are importing about 100 transactions per day from text file (when you need to come all the way through empty lines or a bit not matching the guide to filter integration lines). If you have thousand transactions and act is analytical - alter to SQL Stored procs or Adroitness custom administer server.

1. VBA Scripting - Launch Great Plains Integration Manager, open your integration, right click->Properties, beat tab to scripts, open Beforehand Certificate script. Now place this code in it:

If Left(SourceFields("F4"), 4)="THRU" Then

SetVariable "DocDate", Right(SourceFields("F4"), 8)

End If

If IsNull(SourceFields("F1")) Or IsNull(SourceFields("F7")) Then


End If

It must mean that you can coin DocDate capricious and assign it the value from your query field. The agree with assertion cancels certificate integration if a variety of clause met (when line is empty or is not in reality integration line - a bit like analysis record, etc. )

Now open Ahead of Certificate Commit handwriting and place this code there:

Dim MyTime, MyHour

MyTime = Now

MyHour = Hour(MyTime)

If Not IsNull(GetVariable("DocDate")) then

SetVariable "DocNumber", GetVariable("DocNumber")+1

DestinationFields("Document Number")="THRU"+GetVariable("DocDate") &"A" & GetVariable("DocNumber")

DestinationFields("Posting Date")=GetVariable("DocDate")

DestinationFields("Description")="Client Check "+ SourceFields("F1")

If Not IsNull(SourceFields("F8")) Then

DestinationFields("Check. Check Number")=SourceFields("F8")


SetVariable "DocNumber", GetVariable("DocNumber")+1

DestinationFields("Check. Check Number")=GetVariable("DocDate")& MyHour&GetVariable("DocNumber")

End If

DestinationFields("Check. Date")=GetVariable("DocDate")

If Month(DestinationFields("Check. Date")+1)= Month(DestinationFields("Check. Date")) Then

DestinationFields("Check. Date")=DestinationFields("Check. Date")+1

End If

End If

Here you do two things. First you assemble check number, using Date and time plus Authenticate number. And the back up is even more exciting - you alter check date.

In After Integration lettering place this code:


It is good idea to abolish your variables.

2. Translation. Dream that your are a bit like assortment charity and you need to decipher your vendors (from whom you acquire AR) into real vendors (banks). In AP integration open Destination Mapping, decide on Vendor ID, in the Rule Properties, click on the fasten next to Change field, key No, click on Paraphrase tab and paste from Excel your rendition list, a touch like this:




Now your vendors from integration file will be replaced with real vendors from Great Plains.

Happy integrating! if you want us to do the job - give us a call 1-866-528-0577! help@albaspectrum. com

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Andrew Karasev is Chief Knowledge Bureaucrat in Alba Spectrum Technologies - USA generally Great Plains, Microsoft CRM customization company, based in Chicago, California, Colorado, Arizona, New York, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Canada, UK, Australia and having locations in manifold states and worldwide (www. albaspectrum. com), he is Dexterity, SQL, C#. Net, Precious stone Intelligence and Microsoft CRM SDK developer; akarasev@albaspectrum. com

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