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Microsoft CRM - Client Bond Management box up from Microsoft Affair Solutions was at the outset intended to be customizable with Microsoft Visual Studio. Net and one of its brainwashing languages - C#. Net or VB. Net. You can use ADO. Net, Web Service, Carry out SQL scripting and stored procedures, arrange such SQL Ma?tre d' tools as Coupled Ma?tre d'h?tel to all ODBC/OLEDB biddable database, plus ORACLE, Sybase, Ingress, DB2, Unidata, All-encompassing SQL, Ctree and even Lotus Notes/Domino.

In this small critique we would like to give you the clue on brainwashing the integration with SQL third party Database.

First - use Microsoft CRM SDK to initiate announcement with Microsoft CRM, we have it in C#:

String[] arr1 = coll. AllKeys;

int loop1, loop2;

for (loop1 = 0; loop1 0?1:arr1. Length); loop1++)


String[] arr2 = coll. GetValues(arr1[loop1]);

for (loop2 = 0; loop2 < arr2. Length; loop2++)


strAccountId = arr2[loop2]. Replace("}",null);

strAccountId = strAccountId. Replace("{",null);



if (Page. IsPostBack==false)


// Attendant ought to be set with the name of the platform Web server

string Head waiter = ConfigurationSettings. AppSettings["ServerName"];

// VirtualDirectory must be set with the name of the Microsoft

// CRM Virtual Encyclopedia on the platform Web server

string VirtualDirectory = "mscrmservices";

string strDir = "http://" + Attendant + "/" + VirtualDirectory + "/";

// BizUser proxy object

Microsoft. CRM. Proxy. BizUser oBizUser = new Microsoft. CRM. Proxy. BizUser ();

oBizUser. Credentials = System. Net. CredentialCache. DefaultCredentials;

oBizUser. Url = strDir + "BizUser. srf";

// CRMAccount proxy object

Microsoft. CRM. Proxy. CRMAccount checking account = new Microsoft. CRM. Proxy. CRMAccount ();

account. Credentials = System. Net. CredentialCache. DefaultCredentials;

account. Url = strDir + "CRMAccount. srf";

Then you use ADO. Net for passion stored course of action with parameters to do the integration job:



string SQLStatement="ICS_UpdateAccountPrivate '"+

strAccountId +"' , '" + this. TextBoxWorkPerformed. Text +

"' , "+doubleEncode(System. Double. Parse(this. TextBoxAnnualRevenue. Text))+" , "+

intEncode(System. Int32. Parse(this. TextBoxNumberOfEmployees. Text. Replace(",","")))+" , "+

doubleEncode(System. Double. Parse(this. TextBoxAverageGrowthRate. Text))+" , "+

"'"+this. DropDownListOwnership. SelectedItem. Text +"' , "+

intEncode(System. Int32. Parse(this. RadioButtonList. SelectedItem. Value))+" , "+

intEncode(System. Int32. Parse(this. TextBoxCredit. Text. Replace(",","")))+" , '"+

this. TextBoxComments. Text+"'";

System. Data. SqlClient. SqlConnection tmpConnection =

new System. Data. SqlClient. SqlConnection(ConfigurationSettings. AppSettings["ConnectionStringICS"]


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Andrew Karasev is Chief Equipment Detective in Alba Spectrum Technologies - USA countrywide Great Plains, Microsoft CRM customization company, based in Chicago, California, Texas, Florida, New York, Georgia, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Canada, UK, Australia and having locations in many states and worldwide (www. albaspectrum. com), he is CMA, Great Plains Proficient Master, Dexterity, SQL, C#. Net, Gem Gossip and Microsoft CRM SDK developer. You can call Andrew: 1-866-528-0577 andrewk@albaspectrum. com.

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