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Microsoft Commerce Solutions Navision serves both European and American megamarkets. It was at first in print by Denmark-based Navision Software in its own proprietary idiom C/SIDE (Client/Server Integrated Education Environment). Now Navision is supported on two platforms - Navision native (C/SIDE) catalog and on Microsoft SQL Server. In this small commentary we would like to give you the clue on Navision integration with Microsoft Retail Management Approach - Microsoft RMS.

Legendary Asset of C/SIDE list - the annals of Navision aim reveals the basic goals to have its own proprietary catalog with the built-in facial appearance of file transaction integrity. As far as catalog is proprietary - Navision can manipulate its and tune it to serve its application. You can have users use the coordination broadly and all of a sudden shut down the power - when power is back on - Navision will be in the same good shap. The be with goal was to afford robust graphical interface.

Microsoft RMS is SQL based attention - this means that even C/ODBC is inadequate - Microsoft RMS is using alien list platform and we do not advise you to use MS SQL coupled ma?tre d'h?tel to attend to Navision native database. The good news is - you can arrange our custom integration tool, which imports transactions from MS RMS to native Navision Database.

If you use MS SQL Attendant as Navision platform? - then you are open for all Microsoft SQL Attendant tools, such as coupled ma?tre d' and circulated query. You can install your own programmers to move data from RMS to Navision via Conclude SQL scripts/stored procs

Additional equipment t consider:

Do you plan on Gem Reports? - you can at all times position C/ODBC to permit your C/SIDE folder for Rock Report

Do you need OLAP/Datawarehousing? - if you use MS SQL Head waiter - you are positioned better. It has built in Analytic Ma?tre d'h?tel with OLAP cube conception and Excel data pivoting

Do you plan to expose Navision data to other applications? - Navision has tools to expose the data from C/SIDE list (C/ODBC, C/FRONT), but in the case of SQL Ma?tre d' you emphatically have average Microsoft technologies in your disposition

Good luck in integration and if you have issues or concerns - we are here to help! If you want us to do the job - give us a call 1-866-528-0577! help@albaspectrum. com

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