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Microsoft Retail Management (RMS) and Microsoft Great Plains are retail and accounting/ERP solutions appearance from the same Microsoft division - Microsoft Affair Solutions. There is often conventional need to do integration among the two. Even with the fact that both systems come from the same software education band - the integration is not as down-to-earth as it doubtless ought to be.

In each case you have to use set of new Microsoft technologies: web service, SQL stored procs, C#, VB. Net programming, etc. In this small critique we give you customization overview when you be given Acquisition Order Receivings in Great Plains and certainly convey them to the RMS Store Operations via web services. Plus we can push consecutive come to info from Great Plains to Store Operations (there is no way to store ongoing come to in Headquarters)

Item Convey Trigger in Great Plains

Microsoft Great Plains is in black and white in Great Plains Adroitness - proprietary encoding idiom and change environment, which has beefy ties with SQL stored procedures and queries

When Items are transferred in Great Plains via the Item Convey Entry window, the boundary must acknowledge this transaction. This can be accomplished via two mechanisms:

1. Dexterity Trigger, which would ascertain that the convey occurred and it would populate an border table

2. SQL Trigger on IV00200, which would populate an border table. The best guess is that all transferred items will be serialized

Handling Control center Initiated Account Assigning Requests

Once the edge table is populated, there might be both a timed course of action or a trigger that will push the convey from Great Plains into RMS Command center and it will build inevitably a Style 307 Table in Headquarters.

The next time that the store "receiving" the list communicates with Headquarters, it will accept the Account Extent Adjustment notification, which will amplify the item's capacity on hand.

In each store, a web ceremony must be installed to code name assigning of Run Digit information. Therefore, when announcement is recognized among Store Operations and Headquarters, an claim that ad infinitum monitors Food (in the mainframe hosting Headquarters) will commune with the web advantage at the Store level to assigning the Ongoing Amount in rank and to bring up to date the run add up to tables in Store Operations.

About The Author

Luis Leung is Lead Software Developer in Alba Spectrum Technologies - USA generally Microsoft RMS, CRM, Microsoft Great Plains customization company, with offices in Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Miami, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Madrid, Moscow, Europe, Brazil, Mexico (www. albaspectrum. com), he is Microsoft CRM SDK, C#, VB. Net, SQL, GP Ability developer. Luis can be reached: 1-866-528-0577 or help@albaspectrum. com.

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