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Do you want your own fully programmable erp? - part 1 - software


We are in a transition phase in the Executive Admin models of any band or Government, since three factors are summing for that:

  • The new brawny affair In rank Technologies and its more and more lesser costs, like ERP, CRM, BI, etc. ,

  • The creativeness of the new MBA to engender value and its corresponding manufacturing - for example, Advice Charge Arrangement - in the administrative and decision-making fields,

  • Several another layers in the companies in what refers to its management and administrative mechanization levels.

    This bent not very orthodox solutions, and one of them is the installation of a Front-End Arrangement above the Transational Approach before now extant in your business that - by any analyze - cannot be substituted by a "pure" ERP System.

    Inside the existing tools and for reasons that will be exposed, we choiced the IBM Lotus Notes software for that purpose, concisely Notes as it's extensively known.

    The Notes has the subsequent programmable structures that can be used to alteration and to use in a Front-End Arrangement of any online decision-making or accounting Classification that previously exists in your company, like ACCPAC/SBT, Macola and others 150 companies:

    • It can be integrated into the Internet, to enlarge the area of the DAS/DDC functions at the regional, countrywide or world levels.

    • He has the so called Replication, that allows the Head agency of a ballet company in New York to adjustment an only field in its local database, and consequentially and in Real-Time that same field assumes the same value in the local folder of a Arm in Chicago or Tokyo. And vice-versa. That means to have a inhabitant list - or regional or world - and not only local. This Reproduction can be programmed, a field or a group of fields can be Imitation or not, in bargain with the goals of the company.

    • Theoretically that would coin harms - for example, all together an hand in New York adjustment the comfortable of the local field "m" and an operative in Chicago alteration the comfortable of its same local field "m" - but Lotus Notes will solved this badly behaved in a transparent way to both users with the use of the Replication, and the conflict doesn't exist.

    • Therefore, pithily we are discourse about an only online inhabitant file and in Real-Time.

    • He has an own Intranet e-mail Coordination and/or all the way through the Internet. This e-mail Approach differs from the customary ones as he could be integrated inevitably with the Notes database. For example, he can be involuntary to send an e-mail to other operator, if - a acclimatize - the field "m" of the list reach the value of "x". Or any input/output field of any arithmetical model.

    • It allows to coin classy electronic Forms, to be used by its Workflow. The whole operational flow of a ballet company - anyway at the countrywide or world levels - can be executed because of this electronic Forms - liberally bent and scheduled - which can also be integrated in the e-mail System.

    • The whole management approvals flow can be involuntary all the way through the Notes Workflow.

    • Its Agents certainly can discover operational situation in order to breed the corresponding actions. By corresponding measures be au fait with any administrative or management functions in Real-Time, DAS or DDC or both.

    • He has its own methods to gain data and/or in rank from the Back-End Transational Coordination using any ODBC Classification and also it's likely to use numerous Add-Ons softwares for that purpose. Evidently if Notes will be used as a Font-End Coordination above the Transational Coordination of the company, he obligatorily must have means to acquire/send data from/to the Transational System, in Real-Time or not.

    • He has its Handwriting Language, for all-purpose encoding of its commands, its functions, etc.

    • He has a hierarchical Password Arrangement for prohibited accesses to its Views, Forms, Agents, etc.

    • Through its Views can transform the fundamental data of the Transational Arrangement into high level information.

    • Its Views are absolutely programmable - its columns are analogous to the used un the spreadsheets - and they can be scheduled to have relationships with any other Views.

    • Its Views are very akin to the Visual Basic Views - as a be important of fact before now exists Add-Ons for the interconnection connecting Notes and Visual Basic.

    • Its Views allows you to integrate in a editorial any algebraic functions or coherent combinations as AND, OR, equality, superior than, lesser than, etc. , and quite a few other functions.

    However is doable to use any Approach with the same capabilities of the Notes - especially with ODBC, Replication, Views and integrated e-mail - as a fully programmable ERP System.

    In this first critique we mentioned some capabilities to be used in a Front-End and in the next we will clarify how to do your ERP Front-End.

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    About The Author

    J. C. Melo is a 73-years old IT authority with 54 years of encounter in central processing unit & know-how entrepreneurship. He was the owner of the first minicomputer factory in South America and Consultant for the U. S. Administration in numerous contracts. Now is the CEO of http://mba-open-university. net and http://erp-enterprise-resources-planning-courses. us.

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