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Microsoft great plains partner selection: overview - software


Microsoft Great Plains, Navision, Solomon and Axapta are Microsoft Affair Solutions ERP applications, allocation to the whole spectrum of vertical and horizontal markets. Presumptuous that you before now have one of these systems installed and implemented we would like to give you - IT director, Catalog Administrator, Programmer, Software Developer, Controller your options in supporting/upgrading Microsoft Great Plains for your company

It is continually good idea to bed in the whole thing on your own - but Great Plains requires blend of cpu networking, some programming, good accounting/distribution/logistics/reporting circumstances - so it is not a alarm that Microsoft Affair Solutions requires their customers to have individually assigner Microsoft Great Plains Partner/VAR/Reseller to serve the account.

First Scenario. Due to the depression your previous MBS partner went out of business, leave-taking you not including aid and you failed in payment yearly enhancement fee. This is very conventional scenario - in fact Microsoft Affair Solutions introduced aim quoting to the companies like yours - just to assure that you have an opportunity to pay this compulsory maintenance fee. In this circumstances - you can not get new version/migration tool, etc. until you get your business reinstated in MBS enhancement program. What you need to do is these:

1. Find fairly easy on the pocket MBS partner and change to it as your MBS VAR - it is very easy to adjust your VAR - you calm the dispatch stating that you would like to beat to ballet company ABC as your MBS VAR, sign it and fax to your new VAR.

2. MBS Promotions - Microsoft has promotion programs for orphans like your circle to be re-enrolled into twelve-monthly enhancement program, by and large with small added charge, for illustration in October 2004 you could get your replacement for 20% of the software list price (normal price is 16%)

Second Scenario. You need to migrate from Enveloping SQL/ctree to Microsoft SQL Server/MSDE. It is known fact that Microsoft certain to break agree to with Enveloping Software and stop at the bottom of Microsoft Great Plains 7. 5 and ahead versions on Insidious SQL 2000. You need to migrate to MS SQL Head waiter ASAP - or you will be out of support

1. As in the first scenario - choice your MBS partner or ask you old partner to give you the quote on Migration tool (k$1. 5-k$2)

2. Migrate on your own - or send your data to migration specialist - your partner may afford these military - conventional price is 8 hours of consulting fee

Third Scenario. You have bunch of Great Plains Dexterity, VBA, SQL customizations and need upgrade and your previous GP reseller is not if customization upgrade military (due to the fact that all developers were laid off numerous years ago)

1. Locate customization partner. By and large you have to find small nation-wide VAR, who serves you via aloof support. Change to this partner

2. Ask for customization breakdown - most of the old customization pieces be supposed to be migrated to new technologies, like Adroitness to SQL and Gem Reports, web publishing, eConnect, etc. Don't pay for upgrade "as is" - you will lock manually with the problems

Also connect of hints about how do you alter the partner. It is in fact more easy than you may think - you just send to your new planned partner the epistle in free arrange adage that you would like to beat to you as my Microsoft Affair Solutions partner - and this is it.

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Andrew Karasev is Chief Knowledge Bureaucrat in Alba Spectrum Technologies - USA generally Great Plains, Microsoft CRM customization company, based in Chicago, Arizona, Georgia, California, Texas, New York, Florida and having locations in numerous states and globally ( www. albaspectrum. com ), he is Dexterity, SQL, C#. Net, Rock Intelligence and Microsoft CRM SDK developer. Andrew can be reached: 1-866-528-0577, 1-630-961-5918, akarasev@albaspectrum. com

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