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The true denotation of freeware - software


The vast bulk of us will have, at some point, had freeware games or applications installed on our systems. If you've played an online Java or Flash based game, you've used freeware. In a very real way the Internet itself is freeware, a colossal collections of scripts, information, tools and capital that are, for the most part, absolutely free. But what is it that motivates so many citizens to put so much work into a project, and then circulate it fully free of charge? There are a few misconceptions about freeware that I would like to clear up.

1. ) "Freeware programs are biased with spy ware and Trojan horses" - not true. While it is true that some programs control these types of malicious software, they are a vanishingly small percentage of the whole. The type of ancestors who announce programs like this are equal to spam mailers - criminal and beneath contempt. If you are concerned about this then I bring to mind you only download software from large, well known freeware sites. These about constantly check to make certain their programs are free of any malicious code.

2. ) "Freeware only works for X quantity of days, or is crippled in some way". Again, not true. Programs that work in this way are classified as Shareware, and are deliberate so that if you like the programs behave you can pay the dramatist for a full version. Freeware is never crippled in any way, and comes with no allege at all - even if donations are all the time appreciated!

3. ) "The only analyze this is freeware is since no-one in their right mind would pay money for it". This, unfortunately, is often a valid point. There are some truly abysmal programs out there. And even if the agenda is a good, beneficial a small amount tool, it doesn't mean you would be equipped to spend 10 on it in a shop. In spite of this there are some conclusive gems out there, like 7-zip for example. All I can say is, again, look for the big directories where the submissions are ranked. Look in particular for the sites where users can leave their own advice on a product, for case in point www. gamehippo. com is a superb site for freeware games.

So what is the analyze citizens make programs for free? The points above could account for it, to some extent. But that is not what freeware is certainly about. Freeware is about programmers deficient to share what they've bent with the world at large, be it a convenient tool, a kick-ass game or even a austere script. Associates who write freeware like to share what they've made, and maybe get some acclaim from the wider area for creation a bit useful. So next time you find a advantageous piece of free software why not look by means of the about box to find out who made it. If they have a site then go visit, maybe leave a note in the guest book to advance them to keep up the good work, to coin more superb software. And you never know, the site may even control that absolute piece of software you've been looking for.

Daniel Robson runs http://www. shock-therapy. co. nr where he offers his own freeware, as well hosting freeware for Symbian UIQ 7. 0 phones, in particular the Sony Ericsson Px00 series.

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