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You've as a final point produced databases that you can in point of fact use to store and manipulate all your decisive data. That's great news and quite an accomplishment. But in your rush to get your employees to start inflowing in sequence into these databases, you skipped the education deal with and let them go at it alone.

That was not such a good decision, but one you did not care about until you certain to tackle your first mail merge. As a replacement for of getting what you likely to get, you got all variations of address and call up come to formats, an incredible and astounding hodgepodge of confusingly mixed usage of upper and lower case font and fields with atypical amounts of white space that you've after all figured out is due to undue use of the space bar. The data looks cluttered, inconsistent, and worst of all, unprofessional.

You don't have time to go back into every best and manually fix these exasperating inconsistencies, nor do you want to pay your staff to do this when they have so many other effects to do. But you've got to get your promotion going so money can start new in your big business examination account. Now what do you do?

There is a way you can go in and clean up these types of data messes and it won't affect firing the employees who caused the problems in the first place! Nor will you have to befit proficient at list programming. As with any good affair problem, there's a software answer free that you can use instead.

It's called DataPipe and it will clean up these and other types of catalog errors more rapidly and less extravagantly than you can do it manually or by using other software tools. It does not be important which banner ODBC or OLE DB you are using. Just use its drivers to associate to DataPipe. From there, it's a be relevant of selecting the catalog and query or table you need to work on. Then sit back and watch as it works its magic in album time.

Even if you use packaged patron bond management software at your affair - food like Goldmine, ACT!, Epiphany and others - you still can use DataPipe.

DataPipe uses basic explore and interchange functions to tweak the text that is stored in your databases. Whether you know just the text you want modified, want to amend text that sounds like something specific, want to hunt for wildcards or detail patterns, or want to use fuzzy logic to help find typos, your data will allowance when you use DataPipe.

And best of all, you won't have to call your programmer and negotiate a costly adjustment order when you need to use a assorted format for your date fields, or when you need to swap the order of last and first names. But you can if this is what you need. You or your programmer can conceive custom filters using commerce standard scripting languages.

DataPipe requires Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP or 2003, a hard disk with 15 MB free disk space and 64 MB RAM. It also requires SQL Server, Access, Informix, Sybase, DB2, Oracle, MySQL, DBF, FoxPro, FileMaker Pro, Excel Spreadsheets or any OLE DB/ODBC acquiescent database.

Isn't it time your data look and feel more consistent, more professional, and i don't know even more impressive? When you run a business, you need all the help you can get. And in today's competitive affair climate, first impressions make the main impression. And unfortunately, at times first impressions are the key "make or break" decisive factor. So make sure your first impressions count.

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