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Syncup ? a file/folder synchronizer for windows - software


SyncUp, a file synchronizer is considered to assist the home and complex users. The effect has a austere and comfortable windows voyager type boundary for easy file handling. Further, the Scan Outcome provides a full preview of the files for synchronization.

SyncUp has a accommodating filter arrangement to facilitate the user to adjust the sync direction, copy and cross out files etc. while dispensation the synchronization. With scheduler the user can automate the administer of harmonization in the circumstances at any precise date and time. It also allows the user to set numerous schedules for a distinct profile.

It allows you to make tally files or folders from the Find locality to Bring up to date position of the same hard drive, a new hard drive, mapped association or diagonally any not fixed media and vice-versa. It also lets you to bring into line files/folders connecting two PCs by using any one of the next cables: Analogy cable, Aim Intersect cable, Complex LAN or US.

Experience the features:
User-driven profile management edge
Synchronization methods: Call and Schedule
Supports folder sync connecting local and mapped drives
Filtering approach maintains the sync course depending on atypical criteria
Flexible scheduler to run a profile at a certain date and time in the credentials
Supports inclusion/exclusion of file extensions
Windows traveler type border helps in easy medley of folders
Requires installation in one PC only
Protects the arrangement files and folder by duck
Adjusts for altered time zones and daylight discount time
Supports uni and bi-directional management
Displays comparative scan consequences
Option to cancel the Sync deal with for chosen files in scan consequences
Synchronize data to any cold place using UNC fashion and vice-versa
Supports not fixed media


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