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Microsoft Commerce Solutions - Navision is an integrated elucidation for small and midsize companies looking to get bigger their commerce operations devoid of much interruption to its obtainable processes. Microsoft Navision enables businesses to alter as much or as diminutive of its offered system, integrate add-ons and vertical segments of its development. It integrates every appearance of your organization, from customers to suppliers, from accounting to contribute chain, greater than ever your productivity and competitive edge. Microsoft Navision has an open ecosystem architecture building it fully customizable and easy to use and maintain. It can also be implemented briskly so that there is only a nominal disruption to commerce operations.

Microsoft Navision was first printed by Denmark-based Navision Software in its own proprietary foreign language C/SIDE (Client/Server Integrated Advance Environment). Both European and North American markets have benefited from its use. Its launch in the comprehensive promote will help organizations scale up their advancement and add value to their business.

One of the basic coverage tools used today is Rock Reports. With its capability to call up in rank from SQL commands, using Rock Intelligence adds big functionality in your treatment procedure. The subsequent is an overview of Gem Hearsay as it relates to Microsoft Navision:


C/SIDE is Microsoft Navision's graphical integrated advance atmosphere that provides customization tools for increasing client certain solutions to be functional to a big business process.

Inside Rock Reports, use C/ODBC to build a bond to the file considered necessary for account generation. Links are done classified Rock Reports. However, this correlation practice tends to be inflexible if you want to adapt your file mapping or links confidential the report. You may want to redo the folder mapping of that account or use a Gemstone Arrive query.

Microsoft SQL Server

Using Microsoft SQL Attendant in Microsoft Navision will help a great deal since SQL has the capacity to integrate Navision to third-party products. SQL Ma?tre d' has a virtual table that you can approach to diminish the convolution of looking at links in Precious stone Gossip itself. By referencing the view name in a Transact-SQL statement, a user can admittance this virtual table and retrieve the data for coming collection to be useful into Gemstone Reports. You also have the decision of creating Stored Procedures to carry out a come to of Transact-SQL statements into a distinct command. Furthermore, SQL Query Analyzer can copy free file items and locate, view or work with these bits and pieces contained by the database.

Reports on Diverse Database

If Microsoft Navision sits in an SQL Server, you have the capability to conceive a link from your file attendant to a different third party catalog (Oracle, DB2, Unidata, Ingress, Sybase, Pervasive, Ctree, MS Access) for article concept in Gem Reports. For example, if you are on a C/SIDE Database, coin a link ma?tre d' to it with C/ODBC. You then build bonus connected servers to your birthright database. These links will serve as your pool for creating one Rock Arrive using a digit of databases. Awareness about OPENROWSET keyword in SQL Ma?tre d'h?tel is beneficial for this kind of execution.

Microsoft Navision is a authoritative critical tool for your affair performance. Addition Rock Hearsay to its functionalities will give a more systematic way of measuring your organization's competence.

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